Serving Shelby County Children by Providing

Hope, Advocacy,
and a Voice.


Voice for Children

The program is composed of three staff members and roughly 30 volunteers that are representing the children’s best interest and are the “eyes and ears” of juvenile court.

“CASA” means “court appointed special advocate.” CASA volunteers are members of the community who have been trained to advocate in court for the best interest of an abused or neglected child.

CASA voluteers serve by court appointment and are assigned to a child for the duration of a case some of which can last years.

“Years” can translate into muliple changes in living arrangements and schools, each introducing new foster parents, new teachers, new guidance counselors, new classmates.

CASA volunteers are there throughout, frequently becoming the only consistent adult presence in the child’s life.


How CASA Works

CASA Volunteers work by judicial appointment. They are assigned to a child who is the subject of a court case alleging abuse or neglect, and are asked to help determine the living arrangement that is the child’s best interest. The process involves:

Researching the circumstances behind the case.

Interviewing parents, siblings, relatives, foster parents, doctors and teachers. Visiting the child multiple times in various settings.

Facilitating a case resolution by identifying resources for the child and helping to ensure the child obtains needed services.

Reviewing relevant facts of the case.

Writing and submitting a report to the court advocating for the placement and treatment options that are the child’s best interest.

Monitoring and supporting the child as the court case progresses.